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Our business consultants are absolute experts in their chosen field and understand their market inside out. Geographically focused, they know who is out there at any given time so they can introduce you to the finest talent and you can always expect a personable approach when you deal with us.

Our consultants undergo real time coaching, one to one mentoring, monthly reviews and quarterly appraisals to ensure the highest levels of quality and we'll use strategic marketing channels to advertise the position whilst offering both retained and contingent recruitment services.

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Retained search has many significant advantages. Initially retained searches take priority over contingency assignments, this is due to the mutual commitments which are involved in the search process. Rates for retained searches are slightly higher with a percentage paid up front, however this is dignified by a higher level of consulting talent working on these types of searches.

As we build a relationship with our client we are able to understand their exact needs, this enables us to send a short list of candidates to interview who we feel will be best suited for the role.


We offer a Contingent Solution, this is the type of search where a fee will only be collected if a suitable candidate is found and placed for a position. A number of qualified candidates will be presented to a client however if the client does not feel that any of these are suitable and therefore not hired a fee will not be collected for our search.

We are able to provide Contingent Solutions to our clients as all of our candidates are pre-screened and interviewed by our team of highly skilled consultants, their details and skills are then entered onto our state of the art database system.


At Selection Group we take advertising very seriously. We use various local, national and international job boards to ensure all of our vacancies are advertised in the most relevant and suitable places. Whether it be client or agency branded we will correlate and screen the responses providing a candidate shortlist of the strongest applications which fulfill the brief.

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