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A major OEM was looking for a Engineering Project Manager and Nuclear quality Engineer for a new venture business.
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Exceeding Expectations

An international Enterprise Software Vendor was looking to expand into the Asia Pacific market and needed a Vice President to make things happen quickly. To be based in Singapore, the right candidate needed extensive industry experience and technical expertise. This was a New Business role that needed someone with the drive and attitude to launch the business overseas and build a hungry new team. The candidate therefore needed to have experience with both a large organization and a small start up.

With such a tight brief, Jay Grimes, one of our Senior Sales Consultants, approached the job by networking and headhunting key players in the industry. Working in competition with another agency, Jay identified two potential candidates. With two outstanding experts to choose from the client decided to split the role into direct and channel sales and offer both a position.

The successful candidates have since built a strong team around them in Singapore, pushing the business forward, building a network of high-level contacts and driving sales.

Quick Thinking

With a senior member of their Audit Team leaving the company, a leading regional Accountancy firm needed to act fast and fill the role without delay. The candidate needed to hit the ground running and have experience of conducting audits from start to finish as well as knowledge of the new clarity ISA's.

Through networking his extensive contacts, Kevin Hammerton, one of our Senior Finance Consultants, identified a fully qualified Audit Senior who not only lived locally but had the relevant experience and knowledge.

Within two weeks of the first interview, the client offered our candidate the position and the relationship continues to go from strength to strength.

A Successful Relationship

A big believer in building solid partnerships, Kevin Simpson took the time to introduce himself in person to a prospective client. Since that initial meeting, Kevin has been retained by the business, placing 9 candidates and working exclusively on their behalf. His most recent success was fulfilling a brief to find a Regional Director following an internal promotion.

This was a high level role that required extensive networking and headhunting of the best possible candidates in the Temporary Works Rental industry. Kevin identified two potential candidates, both from national competitors, so confidentiality was key.

On paper, one of the candidates was an over-match, having been in a senior role on double the starting salary. Putting this to one side, Kevin spent time with the candidate to understand his aspirations and needs and discovered that he wanted a challenge. Having done everything he felt there was to do in his current role, he wanted a completely new opportunity where he could add value and make a difference so Kevin put him forward for the job.

After a month in his new position, the candidate has brought a fresh approach to the business, introducing new management strategies that are already making waves.

A Fresh Approach

When an Enterprise Software company approached Selection Group they knew they needed a world class sales professional but finding one was proving to be quite a challenge.

Jay Grimes, one of our leading Sales Consultants, took up the mantle and began a process of in-depth networking and focused headhunting. The candidate he identified was totally unexpected, being from the Research industry. He was, however, a highly skilled salesman at the top 1% of his game. Skilled in the sales process, with acute attention to detail and a thorough, proactive approach, Jay put him forward for the role.

Nine months later he is one of the top ten of salesmen in the company and is over 200% of his £2.4m target. On track to achieve over £5m for the business, our client is more than satisfied.

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